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Original furniture and art made from interesting and historic components

Like all Cherished Parts pieces, items have been left in their original condition with all the manufacturers labels still in place.

We degrease and clean all items, keeping as much of their original character as possible.


Made in England and
Shipped Worldwide

Interested? Call Keith at Cherished Parts for further information: 01564 785675

Red Bull FI Gearbox Table

Red Bull FI Gearbox Table

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Multi-purpose large glass table, made from Red Bull FI gearbox

Multi-purpose large glass table, made from Red Bull FI gearbox

• A carbon fibre and stainless gearbox casing from a Red Bull RB1 F1 racing car
• The gearbox was designed by Jaguar Racing
• Beautifully mounted on bespoke stainless steel end plates
• Covered with a 12mm thick bevelled edge glass top
• Suitable for boardroom table, directors desk, meeting table and dining table

Although a practical piece of engineering, this casing is also a beautiful piece of art.

Like all our F1 based items, it should be a good investment

For UK customers we will be pleased to deliver and install this table in your home or office. Overseas customers should call to discuss options.